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Back in June Alban Lacemakers received an invitation from St Julian’s Church (a daughter church of St Stephen’s St Albans) to contribute to a patchwork entitled “Promise For the Future”. St Julian’s has been celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Various churches and organisations around St Albans had been invited to make a patch which would then be joined together to make either a banner or an altar front. The invitation came in June, the rough drawing had to be in by the end of July and the completed patches to be sent to Joanna Field (who happens to be Jenny Davies’ sister) by the end of September. It was planned to display the completed banner (or altar front) in the church by the end of the year.

As Jenny read out the invitation at our Committee meeting there was a groan as we realised the tight time-scale, and yet at the same time it seemed such a good opportunity to take part in a local celebration and in particular show off our lovely craft. Madge Carey suggested using a butterfly from the Bedfordshire butterflies Jenny Davies had included in the Winter 2003 newsletter and which, as you will remember Madge had written about in the last newsletter and also showed a photo of her completed effort – she had had to draw it up as it was an old pattern rubbing. Good idea we said, but … groan … how can we get one completed on time? And who will have time over the summer to do so? Groans turned to exclaims of delight as Madge offered the completed butterfly. Next problem, who would be able to embroider our name on it? Jill Hannaford is the owner of one of those new ‘all singing and all dancing’ sewing machines kindly offered to have a go, since no-one else came forward. However, in the end, Jill embroidered it all by hand as her machine wouldn’t do as she wanted. And you have to admit, what a superb piece of work it is. The patch is now with Joanna Field and by the time you get this newsletter it should be on display at St Julian’s. Huge thanks must go to Madge and Jill for their generous donation to St Julian’s and to helping spread the name of The Alban Lacemakers.

To see the Banner and an explanation of all the patches see St Julian's Banner