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Well, after weeks, if not months of preparation, the exhibition of Alban Lacemakers’ work is up at the Hollies. Madge Carey, Jenny Davies, and Mary Kenward spent two very busy days in Stourbridge arranging the pieces of work lent to us by the members. Around half of you lent us lace; some just one or two pieces and others many more. We have put at least one piece from everyone who gave us lace into the exhibition.

The pieces we put on display were very much dictated by the themes we decided on for each cabinet (there are 8 glass fronted cabinets in the exhibition room).

(As the cabinets had mirror glass backs it was not easy to take photos without including a self portrait! We hope to have better ones soon)

Some exhibits almost arranged themselves. For example Margaret Hudson lent a beautiful creamy-white parasol, and the idea of "Wedding Day" was born. With Margaret Hill’s Bedfordshire Wedding Handkerchief and a photo framed with the Wedding Bells point ground lace design from Maggie Taylor and a few accessories that was one display completed.

Several Bedfordshire and Point ground collars, a lappet, ties, and two fans; one a beautiful Bedfordshire one with its own stunning case made by Sandra King, suggested the title “Lace to Wear”