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Living Crafts at Hatfield House 2013

The title for our display this year was "Naughty but Nice"

It featured wedding garters made by members, either having been worn at, or in anticipation of, a wedding.

The garters were made in several different types of lace and even featured a black one!

he idea for the display came during a lighthearted discussion  at a Honiton Workshop, but the design and execution
were as usual Tricia Bury's.

The garters looked really splendid on leg silhouettes and, just to show what the lace looks like before being gathered

into a garter, there were separate samples mounted on card below each one.

Every year the display gets better and better and this year's was the best yet. There were many appreciative comments

from members of the public and we could have sold the garters many times over!


If you have any photos of the display we can put on the website please contact Mary Kenward.